Tiago Teixeira is a director and writer with a film degree from Universidade Estácio de Sá in Rio de Janeiro. He has directed seven short films including “Ação/Reação”, a Kodak Film School Finalist 
He also directed music videos for the Brazilian band Audax and the British duo Detachments. He was selected twice for the SESC Screenwriting Lab (formerly Sundance Screenwriting Labs Brazil) with the scripts “Unhappening” (Currently in pre-production by director Marcos Bernstein).
He is currently working as a writer on the second season of the hit Latin America HBO TV show ‘El Hipnotizador’.
Honors & Awards
Malofiej 2012
Excellence in online infographic design.

Kodak Film School 2007
Finalist with the short film "Ação/Reação" (Action/Reaction)
Winner Festival do Minuto 2008
With the short film "Boeing Persecution Mania"  

Selected for Sesc Rio Screenwriters Lab 2008

With feature screenplay "Umbral"

Selected for Sesc Rio Screenwriters Lab 2009

With feature screenplay "O Espelho Cego"

Consultant at Sesc Screenwriting Lab 2015

Consultant at the 2015 Sesc Screenwriting Lab in Brazil
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